Data Acquisition and Processing - How It's Done

Microburbs prides itself on both quality data and transparency to our customers. In order to help you maximise your investment returns, Microburbs has undergone countless hours of data acquisition and processing over the past 10 years, creating the most comprehensive database of real-estate data in the country.

The Process

90 Million Listings Collected

Millions of listings from thousands of real estate agencies and franchise groups are meticulously compiled together and analysed. We are an independent real estate researcher, with our own data. We do not use any Corelogic data.

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Extensive Machine Learning Algorithms

This data is fed into state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms which create highly accurate capital growth forecasts, using backtesting technology.

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Real Time, Reliable Indicators

From Smart Median prices to capital growth forecasts, continually updated indicators keep you up to speed on current market conditions, even in small markets.

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