Our executive team

Luke Metcalfe

Founder & Data Scientist

Luke Metcalfe, the founder of Microburbs, is a veteran data scientist who has been innovating in the real estate space since 2014. His work focuses on using machine learning to quantify liveability and provide comprehensive insights about neighbourhoods.

Beyond Microburbs, Luke has built and successfully sold two data businesses, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to leading-edge innovation. In a joint venture with Jeremy Sheppard, Luke is integrating Jeremy’s extensive property expertise with Microburbs’ vast data and machine learning capabilities to bring deeper understanding to the real estate market.

Jeremy Sheppard

Property Expert

Valued Microburbs advisor, Jeremy Sheppard possesses a wealth of hands-on property expertise. With many years of experience in the real estate market, Jeremy’s knowledge is instrumental in shaping Microburbs’ strategies, particularly when it comes to understanding market dynamics and refining machine learning algorithms.

In his joint venture with Luke Metcalfe, Jeremy is bringing his extensive real estate insights to Microburbs’ billions of data points, enhancing the precision and accuracy of Microburbs’ predictive capabilities.